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Welcome to JMD Pools, where innovation meets excellence in the world of swimming pools. We take pride in transforming ordinary pools into extraordinary aquatic experiences. At JMD Pools, we specialize in providing top-notch products and services that enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and durability of swimming pools.


Why J.M.D.Pools Technology

The 1st ISO Pools Company in Thailand

World Class Standard Manufacturer

No.1 Network of Quality Pool and Service

Over 25+ years experience

Constructed more than 17,500 pools

Healthy and Green Environment

Mission Statement

Our mission is to redefine the pool experience by offering cutting-edge products and renovation services that surpass industry standards. We are committed to ensuring that every pool reflects the quality and sophistication synonymous with the JMD Pools brand.

Our Expertise

With a rich inventory of premium pool accessories and a team of skilled professionals, JMD Pools stands at the forefront of the swimming pool industry. From innovative filtration systems to meticulously crafted pool accessories, we bring a touch of luxury to every aquatic space.

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Products and Services

  • Filter Bag: Ensuring crystal-clear water through advanced filtration technology.
  • Delux Deep Leaf Net Plastic Body & Handle: Keeping your pool surface pristine.
  • Curved Wall Brush with Poly Bristles: Perfect for a thorough cleaning of pool walls.
  • LED Lights – 24 Watt: Illuminating your pool with energy-efficient brilliance.
  • Pool Pump (2.0 HP): Powerful pumps for efficient water circulation.
  • Inner and Outer Rings: Essential components for pool structure and stability.
  • Regular SMPS (5 Amp): Ensuring the smooth operation of pool equipment.
  • Suction Plate: Enhancing suction efficiency for a cleaner pool.
  • Telescopic Pole: Adjustable poles for versatile pool maintenance.
  • Test Kit for Chlorine and PH: Monitoring water quality for a safe swimming environment.
  • Triangular Vacuum Head (Blue color): A specialized tool for effective pool vacuuming.
  • Chlorine Tablets: Maintaining optimal chlorine levels for water hygiene.
  • 18″ Vacuum Head with Bottom Brush: Combining vacuuming and brushing for superior cleaning.
  • 15 mtr Vacuum Hose, Heavy Duty (EVA): Durable hoses for efficient water suction.
  • PVC Liner for Renovation: Transforming and upgrading pools with a 10-year leakage warranty.
  • Pools Renovation/Repair Services: Resolving issues like leakage and tile chipping with expertise.

Why Choose JMD Pools?

  • Innovation: We bring cutting-edge solutions to the pool industry.
  • Quality: Our products are crafted with precision for lasting durability.
  • Expertise: A team of skilled professionals dedicated to pool perfection.
  • Customer-Centric: Your satisfaction is our priority.

At JMD Pools, we turn your pool dreams into a reality. Dive into excellence with us!

Company Name: JMD Pools India
Location: G – 650, Alpha 2, Greater Noida – 201310

Contact Information:

  • Indore: +91-9004 9004 96
  • Thane: +91-9004 9004 27
  • Ghaziabad: +91-9004 9004 43
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